About us

At SensaTek, we believe solutions are more than just technology, we go beyond... it's people, products and service... SensaTek covers a niche market with high-end technology and skilled professionals, that allows us to create end-to-end solutions. Our leading brands, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Vivotek, Aimetis, Lenovo, Vicon Industries, Antaira, IPConfigure, form our core offering. Our vision is to continue to bring leading brands and solutions to the market. Our management and staff have over 40+ years' experience in the industry, reassuring you that whenever you engage with us on your projects, the professional approach is second to none. We are adapting at dealing with a variety of enterprise projects, offering diversified experience, to cover any aspects of your project needs... BDM's, Sales Engineers, Technical Managers, Sales Managers, even Australia's most prominent A&E Expert to assist Security Consultants, we cover it all... At SensaTek, we cater for the Security, Surveillance & Intelligent Automation, IT, IoT SME markets with solutions suitable for any size organisation no matter how big or small. Our partner vendors have successfully deployed similar solutions and together SensaTek is your local, technology solution distribution provider with the experience and knowledge to simply, assist you achieve the solution you set out to build.
Daniel was the founder of 2 high tech companies started in 1996. He subsequently sold these in 2005. He went on to become the COO of an urban infrastructure company, developing projects globally and dealing with Governments in APAC and the EU. In 2010, Daniel became the Sales Director for an Australian business looking to grow their global operations. Within 3 years, they were operating on every continent with a clear channel strategy. Daniel's skills cut across multiple industries, including IoT, ICT, Child Care, Hospitality and Government. Daniel joined Sensatek in 2019 as the National Sales Manager and welcomes any opportunity to assist our clients The team employed by SensaTek has shared and varied experiences within the market, which enrich the offering of our solutions and enforce the culture we are creating, here at SensaTek and into the future... SensaTek has office and warehouses in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Canberra, Adelaide and Perth for your convenience. The SensaTek technical support team can answer all inquiries and assist with getting you a resolution. Our team are certified in all vendors we provide for your peace of mind. We look forward to working closely with you and providing a service experience that meets your project needs...
For well over 20 years Bill Vartanian has become one of Australia's most principal Remarketer of IT Hardware. Bill has acted as a catalyst in the growth of an IT empire, and is currently the Sales Manager for both APCD and Australian IT Spares.Bill's determination for the past two decades has helped APCD grow from a start-up I.T. company, to a prodigious remarketing standard across the Asia Pacific Region, and has expanded his scope to partner with SensaTek, eager to produce the same results within the security industry.


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